There are so many things keeping you from your dream life, most of which are hindrances to your profit-making ability. However, these hindrances are a thing of the past with automated crypto trading bots like The News Spy trading system. Cryptocurrency investments have fast become a popular profit-making venture. And to get around the obstacles keeping most people from trading, automated crypto bots were created.

The News Spy trading system as one of these crypto trading bots was designed with an intricate algorithm that does the work of humans in crypto investments and more. This algorithm also works faster than humans, analyzing, interpreting, and reacting to data from the crypto market in no time. The trading system’s ability to do all this is what gives its developers the pride to boast of being able to give you the life you’ve always wanted.

The best is your contribution is at an ultimate minimum. So, you’re working towards your goals without actually doing all the work. Can the News Spy software really do this? If it can, how does it do it? What more is in it for me? Can I trust the platform? You have so many questions, so here’s a review of The News Spy trading system to bring some clarity.

Cryptocurrencies traded on The News Spy trading system

The News Spy trading system can carry out its transactions in the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • Cardano

About The News Spy software

The official The News Spy website has no pointers to a particular creator. However, there are rumors in the crypto community saying a man named John Mayers is the owner of The News Spy. There’s no solid proof of this claim. Still, the official website does show the trading system was developed in 2018.

With The News Spy trading system, you can make a lot of profit while doing very little as opposed to traditional ways of making profits, especially those involving fiat currency. By giving investors an easy way to earn, it’s no surprise the website claims to make your dreams come true.

Its sources of crypto news include CNBC,, Coindesk, CryptoCurrency News, News BTC, and CoinTelegraph. The reason the trading bot needs these sources will be explained in future paragraphs.

Is The News Spy legitimate?

The News Spy trading system offers so much for so little and it’s not uncommon for opportunities like this to be a scam. “Is The News Spy fake?” is a question most new investors will ask given the number of scams in crypto trading, but if you look deep enough, you’ll see there’s nothing to be worried about.

On The News Spy website, its developers say the software isn’t one of the many ’get-rich-quick’ schemes that have gotten popular recently. They might promise to make you a fortune in no time, however, they don’t go about it the same way schemes like affiliate marketing and money doubling do. The News Spy engages in real and legal transactions of cryptocurrency, so you don’t have to worry it’s a scam.

There are no testimonials on The News Spy website as is common with most other popular crypto trading bots, and this can cause suspicion. However, you can find user reviews of The News Spy experience on various crypto community platforms. This is more convincing than the usual review-on-website the others do. Because those can be fake reviews designed to appeal to those who just stumbled upon the website. Reviews from users in popular crypto communities are more likely to be real, hence more convincing.

How does The News Spy trading system work?

The News Spy software works with real information gotten from the crypto market. Its algorithm works so much with crypto news that a section of The News Spy website is dedicated to reporting news on the crypto market. The developers put together a team of people who source for and report crypto news on the website. News like this is what the algorithm uses to determine its trading actions, hence the name The News Spy.

Since the team and software find, report, and analyze the crypto market news, it’s easy for investors to simply follow the process. They only have to keep an eye on it, gaining insight as to why the bot performs certain transactions. This is a sort of training for new investors with very little knowledge of crypto trading and how it works.

Is there a News Spy mobile app?

There’s no mobile app for this crypto trading bot. The News Spy website is the only access investors have to the software. This website is available on mobile browsers across different devices with different operating systems. Also, the wonderful interface of the website will give traders a wonderful The News Spy experience as if they’re using a mobile app.

What The News Spy software offers to users?

The News Spy trading system offers so much for nothing. Asides from its fundamental job of trading cryptocurrency for profit, The News Spy website is also very educational. The news reports help keep investors in the loop of the transactions of the bot and the crypto market in general. This is particularly across experience levels whether novice or expert.

Back to its main job as a crypto trading bot, The News Spy software offers investors incredible profits nearly all the time. With a 98% success rate, you could use the automated crypto trading bot for about 3 months and gain profits every day. Its algorithm is efficient and accurate thanks to its basis of operation, which is past and real-time crypto news.

The News Spy software can be operated by both experienced and inexperienced investors in whatever way they choose. The option of manual traders exists for investors who’ve learned the patterns of the extremely volatile crypto market. With the available news reports, the website also gives you the information you need to make decisions while using the manual trading option. However, if you’d rather not have too much to do in terms of trading, leave it to the automated bot. The News Spy software has your back no matter what you go with.

Special attributes of The News Spy software as a cryptocurrency platform

The News Spy software does well on its amazing offers. Thanks to certain features it was designed with. Said features include:

News reporting

The News Spy makes sure investors are updated on the happenings in the crypto market. This is a useful tool for automated or manual traders on The News Spy software.


Even with no app, The News Spy software can be accessed from Android, iOS, and Windows. Hence, just about anyone can be a trade with The News Spy trading system.

Automated and manual software

The News Spy software can do the majority of the trading, leaving room for very little input from your end. Those who like to be actively involved in the trading process can make use of the manual trading option.

High win rate and efficiency

The News Spy software has a whopping 98% win rate, guaranteeing profits for a very long time.

Demo trading

In addition to manual trading, The News Spy trading system offers investors a chance to see just how the bot works even when set to automated trading.

User-friendly interface

The website is designed such that investors don’t have to feel like they’re missing out on a good The News Spy experience without a mobile app. Anyone can find their way around the website easily.

Site security

The News Spy website is encrypted with the best levels of internet security. Investors don’t have to worry while using the crypto trading bot as their identity and their funds are kept safe.


The News Spy trading system uses the best brokers from all over the world. All these brokers are legitimate and professional, and this serves as one sure way to convince you that The News Spy is legitimate.

No charges

The News Spy website doesn’t take any amount from those trying to sign up as an investor and use the trading bot. It’s particularly appealing that the trading system provides a platform to make incredible amounts of money yet it charges nothing.

Benefits of using The News Spy trading system

  • Zero charges
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Demo trading
  • Manual and automatic trading options
  • Easy and quick registration and verification
  • Leveraged trading option
  • Good customer service
  • PayPal option available

Negative sides of The News Spy trading system

  • No mobile app
  • Not so many popular cryptocurrencies available for trading
  • Restricted in certain countries

How to join The News Spy platform?

The News Spy registration process is quick and followed by a verification process that’s just as swift. What comes after these processes is up to the investor. Here are the measures entailed in signing up to join The News Spy.


This is easy and shows how safe The News Spy website is since no private information is required. The fields for requested information are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

After you provide the information, click the ’register’ button and verification should be complete soon after.


You’ll know verification is complete when you get a link mailed to the email address you provided. The link redirects you to your account on The News Spy website, so you have to click the link so you can move on to the next process.

First deposit

This is a minimum of $250 and it can be made before or after you’ve tried out demo mode. This amount is required for trading. It’s your first investment, not a fee for using The News Spy software.

Demo trading

This is the trading version available on The News Spy website for investors who want to watch the bot perform but don’t want to risk their real money. Since you’re not trading with real money, you can’t make real profits either.

Live trading

With The News Spy trading system, you have 2 options: manual or automatic trading. Manual trading means you’re the one carrying out transactions, so your chances of making a profit are in the hands of your expertise. Automatic trading, on the other hand, leaves the transactions for the bot to carry out. The choice is yours.


After making a profit using The News Spy trading system. You can request to withdraw this profit. You’d have to leave a certain amount in for future transactions, as a successful trading session isn’t the end of your journey with The News Spy trading system.

FAQs about The News Spy software

It’s normal to have a few questions when something on the internet promises you the life you’ve always wanted. On that note, here are a few of the most common questions about The News Spy experience.

What are The News Spy payout options?

The News Spy website allows for deposits and withdrawals through credit/debit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. Other platforms might include PayPal, Webmoney, Skrill, or bank transfer.

What’s the cost of registration?

The News Spy trading system doesn’t charge investors for signing up or using the bot. You might come across service charges, but those are strictly from and for your payment options.

How do I delete my The News Spy account?

If you want to delete your account, you just need to withdraw all the money, including the amount you’d normally leave in for more trading. Then, The News Spy website will need you to submit a request to the broker and the platform itself, asking them to deactivate your account. Once sent, the deactivation should be processed in about 24 hours.

Is The News Spy software available worldwide?

No, it’s not. The News Spy website is only accessible in about 130 countries in the world including but not limited to the USA and most European countries, like France and Italy.

How much can I make?

The News Spy software can guarantee you $1,500 a day for a minimum of 15 minutes logged in. The more time you spend, the more you can make.

Quick tips for potential The News Spy trading system investors

Here are some things potential and existing users of The News Spy software should consider:

  • Make the smallest amount as a deposit.
  • Keep up with the news on The News Spy website.
  • Use automatic trading if you’re not an expert trader.
  • Consider charges before choosing a payout option.
  • Always leave in a certain amount for future trading after withdrawing.


The News Spy software clearly has all it needs to do good on its promises of giving you the life you desire. It’s appealing in various ways from the simple fact that it’s free to use to all the education you could gather from keeping up with the news it reports. It offers so much for practically nothing, so why don’t you join The News Spy now!