With the Bitcoin Trader crypto platform, you have an opportunity to make a profit every day.

The Bitcoin Trader trading robot is constantly scanning the cryptocurrency market, identifying numerous trading opportunities, performing fast, accurate, automated trading. The aim of the system is to get the best trades in the market. The software identifies these deals as secured and closes quickly. When the trades are completed, the system runs the cycle again, the process continues. The trading robot is designed to hold trades until it finds the most profitable ones.

Bitcoin Trader Software claims to have a lead of 0.01 seconds over the market and an extremely high success rate of 99.4%. The team that founded Bitcoin Trader consists of a group of former professional crypto traders. The platform is responsive and easy to use.

Special features of the platform

Bitcoin Trader offers you all the tools to buy, use or trade with Bitcoin and other currencies with confidence. Bitcoin Trader uses a special algorithm that constantly analyzes all both crypto and forex markets. The system can make the best possible decisions in a short amount of time as it analyzes thousands of data and numbers per second. The software updates the trading algorithm regularly.

You don’t need to have bitcoins upfront to trade with Bitcoin Trader. The system is suitable for both beginners and traders with experience. As a new member, you can get started without understanding all the technical details of crypto trading. The Bitcoin Trader trading software will help you understand how to deal with Bitcoin. First you create your account and a digital wallet.

On average, Bitcoin Trader’s customers don’t spend much time trading, around 20 minutes a day. You don’t have to laboriously research or evaluate facts and figures, you don’t need to do a market analysis either. All these processes are carried out independently by the trading robot. As a Bitcoin Trader customer, you have unlimited profit potential.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin Trader trading system


  • Free account creation
  • Fast analysis of the crypto file
  • User-friendly software
  • No experience required
  • Withdrawals possible at any time
  • Little work
  • No profit limit
  • Rapid support from customer service
  • High win rate
  • Credit and Debit Card
  • Automated and manual trading process
  • App available


  • No free choice of broker

Registration with Bitcoin Trader

The account creation requirements are very easy to meet. Anyone can use the free Bitcoin Trader software. The only requirement of the system is that the account holder is officially of legal age in their home country.

The following steps will get you started quickly and easily:

Your personal account

First and foremost, you need a personal account to trade with the platform. The account creation is free of charge.

  • Find an application form on the homepage and fill it out.
  • Enter your first name and surname.
  • Add your valid email address and phone number.
  • Create a secure password.
  • You will receive an email with the registration link, open the link and confirm your registration.
  • If you want to use a debit or credit card for your first investment, please include the credit card number, expiration date and CVV number on the back.

The account will be approved quickly. The next step is to deposit the first investment.

The first deposit

Next, a deposit is required before you will start your first trading session with the Bitcoin Trader. You can deposit any amount between USD 250 and USD 15,000. If you are new to crypto trading, choose the lowest deposit. The users who have more experience and already know the platform can of course deposit more. Deposits are credited in about 10 minutes, there are no delays in processing deposits.

Demo function

Bitcoin Trader has an informative demo function. It is a replica of a real trade process, but works without the use of real money. The function shows how automatic trading transactions are carried out. It is a great way to learn about the system and trading processes before making a deposit. In this way the system shows how trading really works. Only when a user is satisfied and familiar with demo trading can they start a live trading session and start using the real money.

Trading with Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader offers two trading modes: automatic and manual. It is up to you which mode to trade with.

In manual mode you manage your trade yourself. You will still receive all messages from the system as to whether the currencies are offered for sale or buy. But what you do with this information is your own decision.

In automatic mode, the robot handles all trading activities itself. You still get all messages from the system, but all trade transactions are carried out by the software. When you are ready to start a trade, select the number of them and the amount of the amount.

Own trading parameters

Before starting your trading, set your own parameters according to your needs. These are:

  • Desired investment
  • Assessment of the risk level
  • Type of trading strategy
  • Number of trades

As soon as you have set your trading parameters, the Bitcoin Trader software takes care of the further trading process.

Broker from Bitcoin Trader

All brokers who work with the Bitcoin Trader trading robot are experienced and trustworthy, only operate with legitimate trades. You are all required to provide legal documents when registering. Although Bitcoin Trader is connected to several local brokers, the system acts independently. The robot can make decisions much faster and handle all trading processes very quickly, which hardly a human can do. A good speed is an important requirement to make a profit in crypto trading.

Cryptocurrencies and trading pairs

The Bitcoin Trader trading system likes to emphasize the advantages of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over paper money. Above all, these are the security and flexibility of crypto money as well as independence from financial institutions. That gives people more control over their own income. That’s why Bitcoin is the main currency on the platform. In addition to Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Trader crypto robot also supports the following currencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash

Bitcoin Trader also lets you trade numerous pairs of BTC CFDs. Here are just a few examples:

  • BTC / USD
  • BTC / ETH
  • BTC / BCH
  • BTC / EUR
  • EUR / GBP
  • EUR / USD
  • AUT / USD
  • GBP / JPY
  • EUR / JPY

Payment processing at Bitcoin Trader

The platform attaches great importance to the fact that all payment transactions are quick and precise.

Payment methods

The Bitcoin Trader trading system works in 150 countries and now has more than 15,000 customers. That is why several payment options are offered on the platform such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, Maestro debit cards and others.


The Bitcoin Trader platform ensures easy access to your capital. You can also transfer your winnings to your bank account daily. Payouts are processed within 24 to a maximum of 48 hours. At the end of each live trading session, the software automatically calculated the earnings and the profit was added to your Bitcoin Trader account. The payout works quickly and transparently, there are no hidden costs or fees. All you have to do is fill out a simple withdrawal request form on the homepage.


All customers who use the Bitcoin Trader System are protected at all times. To ensure that all your deposits and financial transactions are reliable and secure, the software supports the online security system SSL. The platform also has the antivirus and malware programs on the website so there is no chance that the trading platform can be hacked.

Bitcoin Trader App

Bitcoin Trader can be reached on all devices and all browsers. However, since many users would prefer to use their smartphones for trading activities, the platform has also developed an Android app. This makes it even more convenient to monitor all trading processes from all locations.


Bitcoin Trader is free software: the platform does not require any additional costs and has no hidden fees or provisions. Everything you won with the software is yours. The initial $ 250 deposit is your investment that you will trade. The system also does not charge a subscription fee for its use.

Bitcoin Trader is a scam or a legitimate trader?

According to the experiences of the existing members and research, it looks like the Bitcoin Trader System is a reputable trading software.

Customer service at Bitcoin Trader

The platform has online customer support. Every member can get support quickly and at any time by connecting with the customer service team via live chat or email. The team reacts quickly and is very helpful.

Affordable software for everyone

The Bitcoin Trader platform only requires USD 250 as an initial investment. Since the amount is really low, trading on the crypto market is really affordable for everyone.

Recommendations for successful trading with Bitcoin Trader

The following tips will assist you well during your trading:

  • Start your first trade with the minimum possible amount. If you have already gained experience or are an experienced trader, you can increase the amount, preferably in stages.
  • Only conduct your crypto trading with the trading platform that requires a registered account. Some platforms offer a way to trade without an account. Avoid such offers.
  • Do you prefer trading in US time. Do your best when it’s day in New York. This is the cheapest time in the crypto world, as Bitcoin has the highest volatility at this time.
  • Keep calm and avoid emotions, make your decisions based on concrete facts and data.
  • Act as often as you can. Set your preferences so that your account is live trading for some time each day. You don’t have to keep checking the trade yourself, the automated system does most of the work.
  • Reinvest part of your profit in the next trade.
  • Set your loss and / or profit limit.
  • Don’t forget to withdraw your winnings regularly.
  • Use the feature to set a stop-loss cap that will protect your money.
  • Always test the demo account before switching to live trading.


Bitcoin Trader is very user-friendly and suitable for any trader with any level of experience. Even if you’ve never traded the cryptocurrencies, it’s never too late to start. The system offers a powerful trading technology. Several functions of the trading robot enable successful live trading sessions and a positive overall experience with Bitcoin trading. The software has everything you need to manage all of your cryptocurrency needs. Let the quality and advantages of the Bitcoin Trader crypto platform convince you.