As a modern cryptocurrency trading software, Bitcoin Evolution provides all with manual and automated trading experience. In the manual category, individuals with in-depth knowledge of the crypto market trends are allowed to commerce cryptocurrencies by themselves. On the other hand, the automated category can be utilized by everyone, regardless of their level of experience in crypto trading.

Bitcoin Evolution incorporates its auto software with trading bots. These bots are vested with enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). With such a feature, it becomes possible for the bots to single-handedly detect, execute, and finalize trading deals for users. The level of Bitcoin Evolution software accuracy is amazing. Its speed is second to none and as such, trade is able to be completed in milliseconds. Based on this, users stand a better chance of earning profits even with little investment.

Cryptocurrencies supported by Bitcoin Evolution trading app

Bitcoin Evolution offers interested users with a wide array of cryptocurrencies to trade. They include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cardano
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Dash
  • IOTA

Furthermore, users of the Bitcoin Evolution trading website are permitted to trade cryptocurrencies in pairs such as BTC/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, etc. Interestingly, it’s also very much feasible to use the Bitcoin Evolution platform to deal in FOREX.

About the software owners of Bitcoin Evolution

The official website of Bitcoin Evolution was explored and no positive result was discovered as regards the founders of the trading system. However, expectedly, the development team involves programmers, crypto trade analysts, and graphic designers. They work independently but cooperatively to ensure the success of commerce activities on the app.

Facts about Bitcoin Evolution trading system

Take a look at some interesting facts regarding how the trading system works, it’s mission and its legitimacy status:

  • Bitcoin Evolution is a trading platform with a reputable history of cryptocurrency trading.
  • It’s possible to trade diverse cryptocurrencies as well as FOREX using the software.
  • Bitcoin Evolution is vested with a legitimate license to operate as a cryptocurrency trading institute.
  • The software serves as a bridge between individual users and brokers. These brokers are chosen based on legitimacy and nearness to users’ location.

Objectives of Bitcoin Evolution software: what they offer to users

The software provides a splendid graphical user interface with the aim of simplifying the identification of icons for individual traders. A minimum starting deposit is required, from which users stand the chance to realize up to 200% returns of investment. Not to be discounted is the software is available for individuals in more than 140 countries. Within different continents.

By bringing forth an auto trading system, Bitcoin Evolution has succeeded in closing the barrier to cryptocurrency trading. This makes it easy for all to trade cryptocurrencies, regardless of their level of experience or technological inclination.

Special attributes of Bitcoin Evolution software

Are you by chance wondering what makes Bitcoin Evolution special amidst the existing pool of crypto trading software? Below is a highlight of the unique features peculiar to the trading system:

Security and performance

Bitcoin Evolution has succeeded in protecting its platform from all forms of cyber threats. This is courtesy of the presence of SSL security in the software, in multiple layers. With that, sensitive information of traders is kept secured and unauthorized access is restrained. Provided such information isn’t leaked to the public by the traders themselves.

Performance-wise, the existence of functional trading bots with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it possible for transactions to be concluded swiftly. Bots are responsible for 99% of auto trading activities. Traders are merely required to spend less than 20 minutes daily, on the platform.


After registering and funding your account, the Bitcoin Evolution platform connects you with reputable brokers with a legitimate license to offer such services. These brokers are under the supervision of a notable financial body. It’s advisable for traders to read the terms and conditions of the broker assigned to them before proceeding with trading.

Training mode

This is a prototype of the real trading session, made available to users after registration has taken place. The goal here’s to make traders, particularly inexperienced ones, familiar with how things operate in the real trading realm. This helps in achieving swiftness, better coordination, and efficiency on the part of users.

Payment options

Traders can fund their accounts using wire transfer or debit/credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Western Union, and MoneyGram among others.


A system of verification is put in place to ensure the correctness of the contact details (e-mail address and phone number) provided by traders via the registration process. The logic behind this is to allow users to retrieve their passwords when necessary. And to also prevent uncertified access to members’ login details and other sensitive data.


Bitcoin Evolution allows users to cash out their funds in about 24 hours after making such a request. The system of withdrawal is reasonable in speed, compared to other trading platforms. Also, traders aren’t required to submit any form of sensitive information before being allowed to withdraw their cash.


Bitcoin Evolution pattern of payout is transparent and surprisingly amazing. The success rate of Bitcoin Evolution is significantly over 90%, hence traders are able to realize reasonable profits from stakes.

Benefits of using Bitcoin Evolution trading system

  • A completely secured trading site
  • Uninterrupted customer service
  • Bitcoin Evolution has a mobile app
  • Ability to trade cryptocurrencies in pairs
  • Graphical user friendly interface
  • Presence of competent brokers
  • Absence of hidden charges

Negative sides to Bitcoin Evolution trading system

  • Mobile app unavailable in some countries
  • Crypto market volatility
  • No information on founders

How to join Bitcoin Evolution trading website?

All procedures involved in Bitcoin Evolution registration are easy. It requires no hard-to-get documents. And registration can be completed in less than 10 minutes, provided there’s a stable internet connection. The necessary requirements are given below.

Requirements for joining Bitcoin Evolution cryptocurrency trading site

  • A browsing device.
  • A stable internet connection during registration. And for at least 20 minutes every day, for trading purposes. Such connections can be achieved via data plans, Wi-Fi or other equal sources.
  • A personal email address and phone number.
  • Basic knowledge on cryptocurrency.
  • $250 (minimum) deposit.

Registration process

To open a Bitcoin Evolution personal account, the following are the necessary actions:

  • Begin by paying a visit to the official Bitcoin Evolution website.
  • Click on the “OPEN AN ACCOUNT” button on the home page and you’ll be redirected to a signup page.
  • Enter your first name.
  • Type in your last name/surname.
  • Put in your accessible e-mail address.
  • Enter a strong password. It’s advisable for your password to consist of alphanumeric and special characters. This is to ensure optimal security.
  • Press in your active phone number.

After doing all of the above, you’re advised to read the terms and conditions before ticking the box. You can also tick the “mailing list” box to receive firsthand information directly from Bitcoin Evolution. Afterward, click the “GET STARTED NOW” button!

Training mode

Before proceeding to put money into your account, it’s recommended you make use of the demo mode attribute of Bitcoin Evolution software. This section is totally optional. However, new traders are advised to make use of the feature wherein they’re taught the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading. This will enable traders to get familiar with all trade processes.


After passing through the optional demo mode, the right time has come for you to fund your account. The minimum amount of deposit required to do this is $250. This money serves as an investment that will enable you to trade cryptocurrencies and earn profits. After making a deposit, you’re assigned to a broker. The broker has a license to operate in your country of residence.

Active trading

Before proceeding to begin proper trading, you’re required to choose the system of trading that suits you best. Either manual or automatic. Manual trading is best utilized by experienced traders. Otherwise, the auto trading mode should be your preferred choice. It’s also permitted to seamlessly alternate between the demo and active trading mode whenever necessary.

Log in

When you log out for whatever reason, to gain back access to your account, visit the official Bitcoin Evolution website. Enter your e-mail address and password then hit the login button.

FAQs concerning Bitcoin Evolution software

To provide you with quick access to some basic facts and features regarding Bitcoin Evolution, here’s a list of frequently asked questions.

What’s the maximum amount of money I can deposit?

Traders on Bitcoin Evolution can fund their accounts with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $15,000. The higher your investment, the greater your chance of earning bigger profits.

Is Bitcoin Evolution legitimate or a scam?

Bitcoin Evolution has been thoroughly scrutinized and it was able to stand the test of legality. The software is registered and a license of operation was issued to them. This fact has helped in clearing the air and asserting the Bitcoin Evolution as a reputable platform.

Does Bitcoin Evolution have a mobile app?

Yes! Bitcoin Evolution has a mobile app. However, provision for the app doesn’t cut across every country. This means some individuals don’t have access to it, due to location. The app is available for Android users only.

How long do I need to be on the app? Can I trade daily?

Manual traders need to be online longer than those who employ the automated trading feature. For the latter, they need not be on the platform for more than 20 minutes a day. And yes, it’s possible and strongly advised to trade daily.

Do I need to have Bitcoin savings before commencing on Bitcoin Evolution?

Not at all. It’s okay to own cryptocurrencies for your personal interest, outside of the Bitcoin Evolution trading website. However, trading therein doesn’t require the ownership of any form of cryptocurrencies before profits can be generated. Traders are also able to cash out trade profits in physical currencies such as USD or EUR.

Is leveraged trading allowed?

There’s not enough information to suggest the ability of traders to engage in leveraged trading with brokers using Bitcoin Evolution.

How much profits can I realize?

There‘s no limit to the amount of profits traders on Bitcoin Evolution can get. Profit-making is however dependent on the current market situation, the individual’s skill (in relation to manual commerce,) and the amount of money invested.

Quick tips for potential Bitcoin Evolution investors

Included below are suggestions for new cryptocurrency traders. By taking all of these tips into consideration, it’s envisaged your crypto trading journey will prosper.

Here are important heads up to succeed in your crypto trading journey as best as you can:

  • Keep private your login and other sensitive details. It’s inadvisable to share such with anyone.
  • Logging in to your account from untrusted or unknown devices isn’t encouraged.
  • Begin trading with the minimum deposit. This deposit should also be made with cash that you can afford to lose. Not with loaned money or age-long savings.
  • Withdraw your trade profits as soon as a trade session is completed.
  • Beginners are advised not to utilize the manual trading mode. They should opt for the auto mode instead.
  • Make judicious use of the demo/training feature.
  • Have, at the very least, a little knowledge of cryptocurrencies, their volatile nature, and how to trade it before engaging yourself in the act.
  • Ensure you log into your account and trade every day.


Based on the meticulous examination of the software, demerits were observed. However, the merits it possesses surpasses the observed cons with full force. Bitcoin Evolution has a mind-blowing payout rate, even with the smallest deposit. It gives you the ability to trade both cryptocurrencies and FOREX. Bitcoin Evolution further gives users an uninterrupted customer service experience. Register and start making your profits today. You deserve it!