You may have been curious about how a simple software like Bitcoin Era can help you make millions. Or you could have clicked from the curious notion that this might be another fake or scam site. But, the fact is you’re here and reading this review of Bitcoin Era, the next step forward in the world of trading. Many have gained millions in a short time, by simply letting the smart trading bots do all the hard work for them. Just imagine a life of relaxation and minuscule effort, all while knowing that money is pooling in your bank account. Curious about how the Bitcoin Era software can give you all that, and more? Keep reading to find out!

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is just like any other trading site that you have encountered on the Internet. Aside from crypto trading, it also offers other financial commodities for trade purposes, such as gold, oil, even global currencies, or fiat currency. But the only thing that sets this site apart from the rest is that the trades are made automatically by intelligent trading bots. This way, brokers and traders would be able to set and forget their trades, leaving the bots to locate and cash in on the best exchanges on the market. And since crypto trading is open 24 hours a day, there is potential to keep earning around the clock!

How do the trading bots work?

You may be wondering how these bots are able to identify and complete trades on their own. The secret lies in their Artificial Intelligence systems. The bots are fed with years-worth of financial and event data, allowing the AI system to process and learn market trends as well as the causative effects of external events on the crypto market. Essentially, the process is fully data-driven and the bots learn and remember their latest transactions, giving them even more information to work on and better predict and capture valuable trades.

Is it a reliable site?

The big question when dealing with such platforms is always surrounding its legality. Not to worry, the Bitcoin Era trading system is licensed for use by brokers and traders from all parts of the world. However, there are a few exceptions, especially in countries with more recent, heavy regulations imposed on their trading activities. Bitcoin Era is working to match up to those security and safety requirements so that operations can continue in these temporarily restricted regions. The site’s encryption systems are military-grade and all operations are in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Do I need a huge investment?

In most cases, trading Bitcoin would require you to fork out a large sum in advance. That’s not unbelievable seeing that Bitcoin’s rates are between $18,000 to $20,000 per coin! But on this site, you will only need to invest a mere $250 to begin making money off Bitcoin. Why the discrepancy, you ask? On Bitcoin Era, you merely invest in the price changes of Bitcoin and its market movements, without actually having to buy the coins yourself. That way, you get to keep the profits and won’t need to have chunks of digital currencies at hand.

Key Trading Elements

Like every trading platform, the Bitcoin Era app also comes with its own set of trading artillery. You can expect the basics like a trading chart, multiple trading commodities, and price exchange sheets. But, what sets Bitcoin Era apart from the rest of its multitude of counterparts? Let’s dive into their trading toolbox to see just that.

Time-leap trading

This feature allows traders on the Bitcoin Era software to be able to see the market prices 0.01 second ahead of the rest of the world. This is achieved by rigorous algorithm contrivance and careful data-feeding techniques. VPS integration ensures that the market information reaches the platform right on the dot, allowing for traders to have that extra split second to make their moves. The trading charts themselves employ a combination of 22 different indicator types, giving brokers charting with accuracies up to 99.4%.

Social trading

Social trading or community-driven trading is an occurrence where most trading activities are based off the strategy implementations of a successful trader within the trader population. The strategies and successful user accounts are displayed on the “Copy Trading” tab. Other users can then pick and choose the strategies that work for them, based on the asset types. The thing to note here is to always stick to these strategies and apply them to the same assets or coins that trade in a similar fashion.

Live news feeds

The “Trading Central” area on Bitcoin Era is loaded with the latest financial, technological, and political news that are key to the stability of the markets. Although mostly disregarded by the newcomers, this area serves as a gold mine for most seasoned brokers. The interesting thing is that the Bitcoin Era software not only scrapes the news but also tells you their AI-backed forecasts for each of these news pieces. Just imagine the amount of insight and trading pointers that you can get just from this single section!

Market watch

On this site, the market watch area not only tells you the spikes and caverns on the charts but also shows you a general sentiment towards the particular exchange between commodities. In addition to your local markets, you will also be able to see foreign markets such as the US, UK, EU, HK, Greece, and more. These charts are updated by the second, so expect only accurate buy and sell rates to base your trades and predictions upon.

Trader Institute

Most trading platforms don’t invest in going the extra mile to teach their users how to trade. But not on Bitcoin Era. The site’s operators are so passionate about Bitcoin trading that they have organized a bulk of articles, tutorials, informative videos, even live forums in order to give their traders, especially new ones, a better understanding of the Bitcoin markets. Pick up trend reading skills, strategy implementation, market prediction, and more by visiting the “Education” section of the site.

Members-only perks

Rarely is it heard of about a trading platform offering a membership program. But the people at Bitcoin Era want to give their users the best trading opportunities, hence, their “Clubs” section. Users can advance in rank by merely investing more. Some of the perks include trading rebates of up to 100%, gift points, return-interest rates of up to 10%, and access to exclusive strategems. Where else can you find a trading platform that rewards you for profiting off your investment?

How do I sign up?

  1. Visit the official Bitcoin Era site.
  2. Look for the signup form in the top part of the homepage.
  3. Enter the required details such as a first and last name, email, and a mobile number. Once that’s complete, the system will receive your location and match your signup to a regional broker. If it fails to do so, your registration will be rejected.
  4. A verification email with your new, secure Bitcoin Era login credentials will be sent to the registered email. Keep the login info in a safe place as you will not be able to customize your passwords.
  5. You will then be directed to a verification step. Pick one of the two choices; phone verification or self-verification. Complete the steps based on the prompts on the screen.
  6. Once activated, you will be directed to the trading site. You can choose to make a deposit and begin trading or use the demo account to play around with the site before you commit to real-money trading.
  7. With that, your Bitcoin Era registration is complete!

Does Bitcoin Era have an app?

At the moment, the Bitcoin Era app is exclusively available for Android users, mainly due to the additional security features that Apple has imposed on its app providers. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and only requires minimal space to run. Those on iOS and Windows will still be able to trade via mobile by accessing the Bitcoin Era mobile site. The site is optimized for trading activities on a much smaller screen so you don’t have to worry about mistakenly completing exchanges.

How do I get the most out of my investment?

Newbies to the crypto scene may get a little stumped here and there, especially when it comes to picking a suitable strategy, setting a budget, and a myriad of other “newcomer issues”. But to help alleviate some of that, here are some age-old trader tricks to help you build up your brand new crypto venture.

  • Set a fixed investment budget. Allocate about 10%-20% of your dispensable income to your crypto investments. Be sure that this amount does not interfere with your daily and essential spending.
  • Trade with the mind, not the heart. Emotional trading can get even the best of us. But it is always important to stay level-headed and go with the logical side of the trade.
  • Invest your profits. If you want a bigger chunk of the gains, you will need to make bigger investments. Trade your short-term profits for bigger returns in the future.
  • Put money on multiple coins. As they say, never put all your eggs in one basket. Similarly, distributing your investments over a number of crypto assets will not only give you investment some stability and assurance, it also opens up multiple profit channels.
  • Always have a Plan B. Trading strategies are by no means foolproof. This is why it is always beneficial to have a backup strategy, in case the volatile markets take an abrupt turn.
  • Limit losses. Keep a working breakeven plan with you. In case of a loss, you will be able to use this strategy to ensure that at least your investment is safe.
  • Do your research. Never fail to assess the pros and cons of each trade you make or plan to make. This way, you will be able to cut losses, even before you click “Trade”.
  • Stick to the strategy. The strategies are there for a reason. Traders have used them since time immemorial. It’s not bound to fail now, is it?
  • Keep an eye on the news. The news may indicate the happenings of events that could bring change to market trends. If you can catch some of these, you’ll be able to safeguard your investments before they begin falling below the breakeven point.


Is Bitcoin Era legal in my country?

Bitcoin Era operates in accordance with local trading laws and policies. In some cases, registrations may not be accepted from select regions due to the incompatibility of laws between Bitcoin Era and your home country.

Can I try out the site before investing?

Yes, Bitcoin Era comes with a built-in demo trading account, which allows users to access trading charts and trading tools, without having to make a deposit. However, demo accounts do not generate profits and serve mainly as an educational and strategic tool.

Who created Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is the brainchild of a group of software engineers skilled in AI technology but with an innate passion for the cryptocurrency trade. They sought to combine their skills with their love for crypto and came up with this idea to help others like them succeed in capturing profits from Bitcoin markets.