Over a decade ago, a few people in the world knew what a crypto trade was and how to profit from it. However, with the development of digital currencies, more and more users saw a chance to establish a stable and significant income from the crypto trade. While not so long ago, only professional traders could benefit from the industry. These days, automated trading bots like the Bitcoin Cycle trading system bring the opportunity closer to everyone. Should you be interested in discovering a true gold mine with the least effort put into the process, keep reading!

General description of Bitcoin Cycle trading system

Cryptocurrency trading requires special knowledge and strategy applied to it to generate considerable profits. However, what trading robots like Bitcoin Cycle do is providing a special software designed to do everything on the user’s behalf. Taking the Bitcoin Cycle trading robot in particular, it should be stated that the developed algorithm the platform features is unique and differs from a variety of existing alternatives.

The system that Bitcoin Cycle features is faster than any existing trading bot. The speed at which Bitcoin Cycle’s algorithm scans the market is 0.01 second quicker than that of compatriots. Such a difference doesn’t seem significant in real life, but with the ever-changing crypto market, that is the key to success. Speaking about the success, another feature that makes Bitcoin Cycle reputable is the victory rate, which is over 90%.

The general operation behind the applied algorithm includes market scan, signal gathering, and trade execution. All that involves machine interference only. The investor is asked to set a variety of trading parameters upon volition. Some experienced traders may want to know whether Bitcoin Cycle is a legitimate vendor. It’s worth noting that the trading bot is licensed and certified thus, it provides services that are secure and lawful.

How do you join the Bitcoin Cycle?

The proof indicating that Bitcoin Cycle is not a scam is its registration process. No potential investor can use the platform without account creation.

Registration process

Once you visit the Bitcoin Cycle website, which is simple to find, all you need is to type in the vendor’s name in the search, you’ll see a short registration form. Bitcoin Cycle registration should not take you more than a few minutes. Every user is asked to provide basic identity-confirming data, which is checked by the system later on. After all the fields are filled out with the correct name, country of residence, phone number, and email, the system will put your account for verification. When your account is confirmed, the confirmation will be sent to the provided email or phone number. Account verification allows a user to ensure their online safety while the vendor makes sure that the account is not created with any fraudulent action in mind.

Account creation

After you carry a Bitcoin Cycle login, you can change the account’s password to eliminate the possibility of hacking of your account being used by some unreliable third-parties. Apart from that, when logged in, you can issue a quick look-around the platform to discover all its functions and features.

  • Control panel – this is where every user can check their progress and general settings, controlling every trade.
  • Open transactions – when the algorithm is in action, you can easily track and monitor all the operations in real-time. Such a possibility grants a beginning trader the chance to get a full grasp of the process and gain the necessary knowledge to proceed with manual trades in the future.
  • Trading history – to keep track of all the profitable and unprofitable trades, you can access your trading history at any time.


The next logical step is to fund the account. The platform is free to use, but the real money is necessary to get involved with live trades. The great variety of trading bots feature a minimal deposit that is way too high for an average trader to afford. However, Bitcoin Cycle starting deposit is only $250 so that everyone is on equal conditions.

To deposit the initial trading sum, you can use any payment method that you see fit. Bitcoin Cycle is available in many countries, so various payment options are supported. You can use your Visa credit card or Mastercard. If card payment is not an option, you can also use an e-wallet such as Skrill, PayPal, or Neteller. Besides, the primary deposit is not limited to $250. Every user can take things further and fund the account with the sum they see fit.

Demo test

The factor clearly indicating that Bitcoin Cycle is not a fake is the demo mode that any registered user can use. The primary aim of such a demo test is to give a potential investor an idea of how the algorithm operates and how to use it to increase passive income. The demo mode is free and as close to the real trade as possible.

Live trade

When you’re through with the Bitcoin Cycle demo test, you can proceed with actual trades and make real money with the automated software. Even though all the process is fully automatic, there is a list of parameters that an investor is advised to set:

  1. Trading pairs
  2. Sum to spend
  3. Stop-loss limit
  4. Take-profit limit

After you’re done with the settings, it’s time to proceed with the trade. It takes as much as to press the ‘auto-trade’ button for the system to launch the operation. The algorithm scans the market and looks for the most profitable trades available at the moment. Upon spotting such trades, the robot issues the trade instantly.

Visible advantages that Bitcoin Cycle trading experience features

Bitcoin Cycle differs from the rest due to the uniqueness of its trading algorithms. However, there is more to the platform, and you should be aware of all the benefits.

Withdrawal system

Bitcoin Cycle payment system is not only about swift deposits but about effortless withdrawals too. When there is enough money on your account to withdraw it, you should issue the related request with the system. Once the system successfully identifies you, you’ill get your funds within short notice, 24 hours to be more precise. You can use the payment method you used for depositing, or you can use another option. However, whether it’s a bank account or an e-wallet, Bitcoin Cycle supports all.

Payout system

When it comes to the Bitcoin Cycle payout system, it’s safe to say that it’s straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden costs or fees to watch out for. The platform itself states clearly that you may not earn a lot initially, but you can gradually build a fortune. Such an approach is especially beneficial for beginners.

Verification system

When compared to other services, Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t feature an ultra-complex verification process. However, it’s precise and effective nonetheless. The platform claims that its privacy policy and online user safety are of primary importance thus, the verification process is a well-thought and practical one. Every investor is asked to provide primary person-identifying data upon registration, other essential information is gathered when a user issues the primary deposit. Every bit of information is well-encrypted and secure.

Feedback system

Bitcoin Cycle is one of the vendors that allow their users to leave feedback right on the website’s landing page. Before you start your journey with the platform, you can read all the feedback you can find and make up your mind partially based on users’ testimonials.

Customer support system

Bitcoin Cycle trading bot features a simple and intuitive layout so that every important information is easily found. However, should there be any issues with the trading process arising, you can always reach out to the customer support available 24/7. Support agents are highly-trained and experienced professionals that can solve any problem in a matter of minutes.

Main reasons to trade with Bitcoin Cycle software

In case there is the slightest drop of doubt as to whether or not you should consider trading with Bitcoin Cycle software, evaluate the following reasons before your final decision:

  • User-oriented design – the platform itself is well-developed but simple to browse through. No matter your trading experience, you’ll get the hang of the system the minute you log in. all the information is stated clearly, and all the trading operations are transparent so that even the novice can understand the algorithm.
  • Increased success rate – Bitcoin Cycle is a free trading vendor that offers a success rate of 98%. However, at the same time, you should not leave the market volatility out. It is indicated on the website’s main page that the risk of loss is as high. So, trading more than you can afford is out of the question.
  • Informative tutorials – aside from the helpful demo mode, there is a lot of educational content on the platform. Bitcoin Cycle is a trading robot that offers a chance to both profit from the trade and learn in the process to improve your skills.

Trading tips for novices to succeed with Bitcoin Cycles with the lowest loss rate

No trading robot offers a 100% success rate since the risk of losing is pretty high too. However, it’s possible to minimize the potential loss risk if you learn how to trade correctly and cautiously.

Monitor your investment

The primary deposit that Bitcoin Cycle requires is $250. Seasoned traders leave it at that. Inexperienced users may want to deposit more since there is barely any depositing limit. It’s advised to suppress the urge and test the platform both in the demo and live modes. After you are delighted with the trade outcome and the whole operation approach, you can consider investing more considerable sums.

Make timely withdrawals

The general rule for establishing a constant passive income flow is to keep trading. However, timely withdrawals are required to keep users from making a rash and emotional decision, resulting in general loss. You can save some means on your account to profitable trade, but most of the profit should be instantly withdrawn.

Consult the pros

While the automated software aims to make you rich, there is a fair share of personal experiences behind every trade. There are countless cryptocurrency-related forums to be found on the web. Browsing through the expert advice of seasoned trades will assist you in gaining more from each trade.

Invest all you can afford to lose

No matter how unpleasant the outcome sounds, but at times the loss is inevitable. The crypto market is unstable, and everyone knows that. So, despite the perfect algorithm in use, sometimes even the machine is unable to conquer the market volatility. That is why you should invest the sum you can potentially lose without it affecting your personal well-being.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin Cycle trading vendor

Is there a Bitcoin Cycle mobile app to download?

You can trade with Bitcoin Cycle on the go, but there is no dedicated application to download. The software is well-fitted to the requirements of all smart devices as well as those of various browsers. The only thing is mandatory to trade with Bitcoin Cycle – stable and reliable internet connection.


The future is upon us, and digital currency becomes more and more required. If you don’t want to be left behind and keep up with the progress, the crypto trade is the industry to discover. These days, there is still the opportunity to use automated trading bots like Bitcoin Cycle to build your crypto empire. Would you dare to miss such a lucky chance?